The Aurum Project Fundraising Gala for 2016 - Wizard of Oz party.

Attendees will be awed by an array of insightful homeopathic information, nourishing food and drink, live music and entertainment in a venue that would make the Wizard of Oz proud!

Saturday, 19th March 20166:30pm-midnight

Follow the yellow brick road to 68 Johnson Street, Freshwater

Entry: $45 General Admission Includes hearty food, prizes, live music, and entertainment

           $65 VIP Gold Standard Ticket (as well as a special gift bag & free drink upon arrival)

The fundraising Wizard of Oz party is to help raise funds for our research into natural alternatives to antibiotics.

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Making use of natural medicine for complaints such as for Glue Ear and URTIs, is an increasingly important health choice given the rise of antibiotic resistance.  The risks of prescribing antibiotics or over-the-counter drugs in glue ear/ childhood acute otitis media (AOM) and upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) are significant and increase the risk of treatment-resistant organisms. Clinical research suggests that over-the-counter homeopathic medicines offer pragmatic treatment alternatives to conventional drugs in children.

A recent survey showed that sore throats, sinus infections, URIs, coughs, colds, fevers and ear infections are the top six types of conditions across all ages of patients needing treatment. Homeopathy is a demonstrably safe and effective system of medicine that is used worldwide. Numerous clinical studies demonstrate that homeopathy accelerates early symptom relief in acute illnesses. Advantages for homeopathy include lower antibiotic prescriptions, fewer side effects and reduced parental sick leave from work.

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old whole system of natural medicine used worldwide, with an excellent safety track record. A growing body of clinical evidence, including comparative effectiveness trials on thousands of homeopathic patients, a strong safety record, and cost-effectiveness data, make homeopathy a therapeutic strategy that merits consideration.

Research demonstrates that homeopathy can be effective as an alternative to antibiotics

Antibiotics may provide symptomatic treatment, but people given them tend to experience recurrent infections. By contrast, homeopathic doctors have the experience that many people with infections can be effectively helped by homeopathy and that it is an important way to strengthen a person’s own immune system.

Ear infection is the most common infection for which antibiotics are prescribed for children in the Western world, it is clear that homeopathy can play a crucial role as an alternative to antibiotics. 

In the treatment of ear problems to help avoid antibiotics, one of the commonly used homeopathic medicines is Pulsatilla. It is made from the beautiful pasque flower which has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes since the Greek classical age, with a reputation for helping to heal and dry the mucous membranes.