Freshwater Surf Club Stays Afloat Thanks to Harbord Diggers

Few organisations have as rich a history as Harbord Diggers and Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC), with the Diggers famously donating Freshwater SLSC one of the first Jack Wilson Power Surf Boats in 1967, marking a new era in Australian surf rescue.  

Almost 50 years later, the relationship between Harbord Diggers and Freshwater SLSC continues to grow following the Diggers’ contribution of $25,000 to the iconic surf club as part of the 2015 ClubGRANTS program.

The substantial grant has ensured that Freshwater SLSC was properly prepared for the most recent summer season, providing funding towards essential lifesaving equipment, patrol uniforms and transport support for the club.

Peter Obern, President of Freshwater SLSC, says Harbord Diggers’ generous support has not gone unnoticed.

“Harbord Diggers has long been a supporter of Freshwater SLSC, having donated one of the first motorised surf boats to us almost half a century ago and generously contributing to our Surf Club since,” said Peter.

“We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Harbord Diggers over the years and would like to thank the Club for its ongoing support of Freshwater SLSC.

“Just as Freshwater SLSC shares a rich history with the Northern Beaches community, Harbord Diggers has long been an important gathering space amongst locals. We are proud to share a valued relationship with the Diggers,” he added.

Freshwater Beach is a popular swimming spot for local families and tourists alike and the location plays an important role in shaping Australian culture. The beach is where Duke Kahanamoku famously held his surfing demonstration in 1915, which went on to popularise the sport in Australia. 

Dale Hunt, General Manager of Harbord Diggers, says that the Club is proud to have supported Freshwater SLSC with this grant.

“Harbord Diggers enjoys fantastic views of Freshwater Beach throughout the year and the Club even started out in a hut on Freshwater Beach some 80 years ago! This has always been a drawcard for our members and guests,” said Dale.

“We are always happy to show our support to Freshwater Beach SLSC and are grateful for the important work that our surf life savers do day in and day out,” he added.