Council Merger Update

Public meetings have been held into proposals to form two councils on the Northern Beaches – Greater Manly and Greater Pittwater – from the three existing councils and Mosman.

Greater Manly will include Mosman, Manly and part of Warringah while Greater Pittwater will cover the northern part of Warringah and Pittwater.

Public meetings were held to look in more detail at the proposals and their implications. Around 1,000 people in total attended the meetings to find out more about the proposed new council structure.

Warringah mayor Michael Regan said, “The message from the meetings could not be clearer - virtually zero support for splitting our community and strong support for either one Northern Beaches Council or the status quo.”

However in her mayoral blog Manly Mayor Jean Hay stated, “Results of a recent survey of some 500 Warringah residents conducted by independent researchers found that only 26 per cent of Warringah residents said 'two councils of equal size' was their least preferred option."

Submissions on the boundary review can be made until February 28 online at or by mail to C/ - Council Boundary Review Submissions GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001.