Ocean... Style

The Northern Beaches has a style very much of its own. Colourful, casual, understated with more than a dash of glamour thrown in.

As beach weather rolls in, the area’s style comes to the fore with old and young opting for more flamboyant colours and designs that would look out of place elsewhere. From flowing maxi dresses to faded denim shorts and cropped tops, sandals that sparkle and sunnies that make a statement, but the jewel in the crown is beachwear.

Top of the list is swimwear for men, women and children and this includes looking fabulous and being sun safe as well. So in addition to cossies, bikinis and boardies, there are rashies, cover-ups and kaftans to consider as well as hats, caps, throws and beach towels. It’s time to shine and show the true beach style in all its colourful glory.