Ocean... Healthy Living

Health and wellbeing seem easier to focus on as the weather warms up and when the ocean is your backdrop, it makes it even easier to get motivated.

There is always talk about how the Northern Beaches is something of a fitness bubble with the attention to health and fitness not reflected across all suburbs. If that is the case then we live in the right spot.

It is not all about improving run times and looking beach fit for summer, living by the water offers the opportunity to try new sports, encourages you to go for a walk simply to look at the amazing views and inspires people to think about their overall wellbeing.

The health of the body and the mind is key and the healing and stress relieving qualities of spending time by the ocean or harbour are another positive for peninsula residents.

When there is nothing else to do, or perhaps when there are a million things to do, a beachside stroll can reset our balance inside and out.