Summer Fun...

The ocean and harbour are certainly the playground of residents on the Northern Beaches.

Ocean swimming, surfing, SUP are just the very first things that come to mind when considering what you can get up to all summer long. In this edition of COVERED. we have teamed up with people and businesses who extend the range and offer some exciting ways to while away the hours on the water.

Kayak tours for couples and families, yoga skills on the water to really test your balance and girls entering the spotlight when it comes to leaping aboard the Jet Ski for a great way to see our coastline both here and further afield.

Meanwhile a host of rising home grown surf stars are making big news on the beaches and we feature a few of them including the winners of the COVERED, sponsored GROMTAG competition.

And when you feel like just kicking back and watching the turquoise waters, the best vantage point is surely from your own hammock.

The options are endless, so go out and make the most of the summer sun and the array of activities on offer.