Pizza And Wine To Your Door

Pizza and delivery go hand in hand but team that with a nice bottle of red and what could be better – not having to go out and buy it.

For many people pizza is a Friday night ritual. It’s the ideal solution for when you can't cook, are too lazy to cook, or simply because you're hungry, it's raining outside and getting wet is not an option.

Having boxes of deliciousness delivered to your front door is great, but life gets even better when you can have your tipple sent along with it! 

By pairing Italian wood-fired pizzas with specially selected wines delivered straight to your home, WeDeliver and Ironbark are enhancing your entire ‘room service’ experience.

Coupling pizzas and wines is one that will get your tastebuds flowing. To really do the flavours any justice, knowing how to set one up with another is key. 

Got a Hawaiian pizza? Go for a sweeter wine like Riesling to balance out the saltiness of the bacon and ham.  How about a white sauced pizza? Then aim for a Chardonnay. And for a tomato-based Pepperoni or Meatlovers pizza, a bold, rich red like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot is the perfect choice. 

Pairing these two loves in our lives is not just art, but a science as well. There are numerous options and pairings to be had, but whether you're a wine aficionado or just enjoy a glass with your plain cheese pizza, WeDeliver and Ironbark have got you COVERED. 

Food Fast - Guilty-Free Eating //
Available from December 2016