When Motion Meets OCEAN

Yoga and fitness on the water spells fun for everyone, as COVERED. found out.

Flow mOcean is a celebration of nature, conscious movement and the abilty to take life a little less seriously.

It offers Sydneysiders and ocean lovers a chance to reconnect with our innate sense of curiosity and adventure as we explore unfamiliar territory in an uneven surface.

The water is always changing, but so are we. The more we move with the ocean, the more flow we find in our lives and in our bodies. Practicing on the water makes us remember not to take ourselves too seriously. On the ocean we just have to laugh when we fall, pick ourselves up and try again.

Listening to the call of the birds and being rocked gently by the waves makes everything else fade away. When you practice in nature, time and life as you know it, cease to exist. There's magic in the ocean, you just have to dive in to find it. 

Whether you're a fitness freak that's ready for the next craze, a devoted yogi ready to test your inner balance or just a normal human who loves sunshine... these classes are for you. We offer modifications, levels and styles suited to bring the goodness of nature and laughter into absolutely every body, no exceptions .

You don't have to be super fit, super flexible, super whatever to join in on the fun... 

This is the journey, not the destination. 

FLOW MOCEAN - 0404 246 542 or 02 8958 5356
www.flowmocean.com.au // info@flowmocean.com.au