A Brighter And Better Bower

Storms wreaked havoc on The Bower restaurant and café in Manly earlier in the year and with the insurance failing to cover the repair costs, it faced an uncertain future.

But COVERED. visited to find that six months on a beautifully renovated space is delighting diners.

More than three months of work went into getting The Bower fully operational. The storm damaged the walls, floor, equipment and electricity. “So we really had to start from scratch and work through,” explains owner Hardy Schacker.

“I have been struggling financially, a lot, but I tried to keep my head chef over the time as one of my assets to get back into the business in a strong position.

“He got creative and provided me with this amazing menu. You cannot hide Joji’s background, so my menu has got a beautiful Japanese touch. It’s fresh, has fascinating flavours and tastes delicious. “

Joji Shikama has been with The Bower for almost three years. It serves breakfast and lunch and the menu is Japanese infused. 

“We have a Miso Salmon as a breakfast option which is very popular with our locals. The lunch menu is fish orientated but still has a chargrilled chicken burger on and salads to choose from, with add on options like Tiger Prawns,” explains Hardy, who took over the business in October 2015 after managing the restaurant for several years.

He’s delighted with the new look of the exclusive waterfront premises that has a location that is second to none. 

“We changed the whole fit out and structure of the restaurant making it very open. It feels good to reopen and to run the business, but I still keep in mind how much power mother nature has and how fast a stable situation can change within a day and turn your whole business life upside down,” muses Hardy.

He remembers the June night he received a call from a friends saying he needed to go to the restaurant. “When I arrived at the restaurant, water was everywhere. 

“The power of the waves has broken all the windows and frames and waves were coming through the whole restaurant. Water was even coming through the back door. 

“Tables, chairs, cups and contents were swimming around the restaurant. I could not believe it and was shocked and helpless.”

Insurance covered only a tiny bit of kitchen damage and Hardy and his partner had to secure a bank loan for the rest. Hardy says the fact people bought vouchers for meals to have when the business reopened was a great help.

And in addition to great food you may be treated to a few dolphin sightings and, of course, a great view.

The Bower is open 8 am-7 pm.

The Bower Restaurant - 7 Marine Parade, Manly NSW 2095 // (02) 9977 5451
www.thebowerrestaurant.com.au // Open: Monday to Sunday 8am – 7pm.