A Family Affair

Shannan Ponton, from Australia’s popular TV show  The Biggest Loser

Shannan Ponton, from Australia’s popular TV show The Biggest Loser

Kids are wonderful imitators. Shannan Ponton, from Australia’s popular TV show The Biggest Loser explains why we need to give them something wonderful to imitate.

Most of the lessons children learn are not spoken or dictated, they are taken on board purely from observing then repeating behaviour. (Have you ever heard the tone and annunciation of that four letter word from your child’s mouth and asked yourself, where did they pick that up from?…..until you hear yourself or your partner - it's usually my wife - drop the exact same bomb). 

My fondest memories as a child are family bike rides on a warm summer’s Sunday night. Growing up my parents were both fit and active and, like most boys, I wanted to be just like dad… And look where that got me! The lessons I learned from watching and imitating my parents lasted a lifetime. 

There’s no use sitting on the couch over the holiday period and yelling at the kids to ‘get outside and do something!’ if you don’t get out there with them and be the role model you always thought you would be. 

New Healthy Start
Make your time off over Christmas your time to re-write the future of your family’s health. Set yourself and your kids up for a healthy, happy year ahead.

We live close to the best beaches in the world, so get the family outdoors and enjoy the Aussie Summer. There's something for everyone and we are spoiled for choice. There's surfing, body boarding, SUP, surf ski or just body surfing - no equipment necessary. 

Try a family bike ride, skate, roller blade or scooter from Queenscliff to  Shelly.  If you don’t know how, it’s time to learn. It’s a wonderful thing to be out of your comfort zone and attempt a new skill as an adult. After all when did you become ‘too grown up to have some fun?’

We also have access to some spectacular ‘off the beaten track’, walks along our majestic coast to enjoy. Try Dee Why to North Curly, Blue Finn Track - North Head, Dee Why to Long Reef or any one of the tracks around Narrabeen Lake.

Lead by Example
Teach your kids how to catch, pass, shoot a goal, dance, run, jump, kick or hit a ball. Show them whatever it was that you loved as  a kid. The time and effort invested will be repaid ten times over when your son or daughter hits or kicks the winning goal.

It all sounds great, but the time WON’T create itself. You need to get off your backside and get moving with your family. Schedule it in, just as you would an important business meeting.

It’s not something that can just be moved sideways a couple of times and then forgotten about. The health and welfare of YOUR family depends on it. A fit, active, healthy and happy New Year awaits you and your family, ‘YOU’VE JUST GOT TO GO AND GET IT!’

Shannan Ponton - www.shannanponton.com.au