Surfing Onto The Silver Screen

Simon Baker, Producer of Breath & Samson Coulter (right)

Simon Baker, Producer of Breath & Samson Coulter (right)

A Northern Beaches junior surf champion is appearing in a lead role in a soon-to-be-released major movie, directed by Mentalist actor Simon Baker.

COVERED. caught up with to 17-year-old Samson Coulter on his winning year and plans for the future.

Surfing for as long as he can remember, it is not perhaps surprising that Samson is winning titles at a both a local and national level.

Samson is currently the winner of the Skullcandy Pro Junior Under 18s and the NSW Under 18s State Titles. And it is partly this talent that landed him a main role in the movie Breath, produced by actor Simon Baker and based on the novel by Tim Winton.

Friends of his parents heard the film was looking for a young surfer and suggested Samson, who attends St Augustine’s College, in Brookvale, try out. “I’d done drama at school but never thought I’d do anything like this,” he adds.

Beating literally thousands of hopefuls to get the part, Samson then had to spend more than three months living in the small coastal town of Denmark, in Western Australia, where filming took place.

His parents took turns to live with him and Samson had a term off school which he is now making up with tutors.

“I knew I would be surfing some big waves but when I got there everyone was super cool and I had a really good time.

“It was just a small town and everyone was super chilled and there were some amazing waves. I was surprised at how hard the acting was but it was really enjoyable and I met some really cool people.”

One of which was actor Simon Baker, who Samson describes as ‘pretty cool’ and ‘amazing at what he does so I was lucky to work with him’. 

“He surfs a lot and I think back in the day he would have ripped a hole in it. I was pretty impressed,” he admits. The movie is due out later this year.

Samson maintains he loves surfing too much to swap that for acting but would definitely consider doing it again. But in the mean time he is concentrating on his school work with HSC exams looming next year. And surfing.

His family all surf and dad Steve competed in Iron Man events in his younger days. But Samson says that it was when he joined the Queenscliff Boardriders Club that he got the competing bug.

“That’s when I fell in love with competitive surfing. I think the first competition I did was when I was nine and it was the Occy’s Grom Comp and I just got right into it from there.

“I’m a really competitive person and I really like the travelling you get to do as well with the competitions,” adds Samson. He’s been all over Australia surfing and overseas to Hawaii. 

His sponsors include Future Fins, FarKing Surf and Liive Vision Eyewear and he says C-Skins Wetsuits Australia have always kept him kitted out.

At home, Samson surfs at Queenscliff and cites Snapper Rocks, in Queensland and Sawtell, in NSW, as other favourite spots. 

So for now it’s head down and studying, then as much surfing as possible and who knows what next…