NBCU Supports The Fight Against Cancer


The McGrath Foundation, set up by breast cancer victim Jane McGrath and her cricketing husband Glenn, is supported by NBCU through their McGrath Pink Visa Card.

COVERED. found out more about the cause and the involvement of the Northern Beaches Credit Union (NBCU).

The McGrath Foundation was co-founded by Jane McGrath and her cricketing husband Glenn in 2005, after Jane was first diagnosed with breast cancer at just 31-years-old. 

When Jane was re-diagnosed, she was fortunate to have access to a breast care nurse, saying “it was like having someone hold my hand through one of the worst nightmares of my life”.

Jane became a passionate believer in the need for breast care nurses and greater breast awareness for all women, regardless of age. 

With more than 200,000 people living with breast cancer in Australia, and 44 people diagnosed every single day, the McGrath Foundation is committed to providing support for families facing breast cancer, no matter where they live or their financial situation. 

It does this through the funding of McGrath Breast Care Nurses nationally, who provide invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support, completely free of charge. The McGrath Foundation also increases breast awareness in young Australians.

Since 2005 the McGrath Foundation has supported more than 47,000 families experiencing breast cancer. There are 110 McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia. 

Providing this high level of support is not cheap and it costs $380,000 to fund a McGrath Breast Care Nurse in Australia for three years.

In order to continue the great work, the foundation seeks the help of community fundraisers and corporate partnerships.  This is where NBCU has stepped in to give support.

The credit union has created the McGrath Pink Visa and each time one is issued $20, half the annual fee of $40, is donated to the McGrath Foundation for each year the card is held. Since the launch of the card, it has raised over $420,000 and is still counting.    

The award winning McGrath Pink Visa, available at the Northern Beaches Credit Union (NBCU), helps to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia.  

The card features one of Australia’s lowest ongoing interest rates and has the same low rate for purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. 

If you would like more information about the card that helps to support McGrath Breast Care Nurses visit www.nbcu.com.au or call NBCU Direct on 1300 13 1964.

Alternatively, drop into one of the 4 Financial Store locations at Dee Why, Manly, Warringah Mall or Newport.