Life tips and insights – from a human behavioral consultant

Emmanuel Anthony has worked with hundreds of clients from around the world. He tells COVERED. about one of his greatest realisations.

“It is not what happens to us, but our perception of what has happened, that has a profound impact on our destiny”. The key to life mastering is mastering our perceptions. Our perceptions play a vital role in how we think, feel and experience the journey of life.

Every human being will experience life within his or her model of the world. Their model is neither right nor wrong, but simply their version of reality. 

Our models are constructed from how we interpret our experiences. They are sculptured by the programs we install and through the beliefs we create. 

Religion, family, culture, television and other forms of experiences influence the mind. Through our filters, we distort and generalize life to mere human understandings and interpretations, when in truth man can never truly understand life’s vast magnificence in its totality. 

We are continually searching for meaning, yet always falling short and discovering that the more we know, the more we discover we don’t know. 

A majority of my clients find themselves starting work with me as a quest to acquire real world answers for areas of their life that they feel are running them or occupying precious real estate psychologically. 

This occurs when their model of the world and current mind programming is no longer serving their desired life path. Through deep retrospect and mind equilibrating exercises, I am blessed to assist clients daily in neurologically reprogramming the way they see the different perceived stressing’s in life, ultimately teaching my clients to turn their “stressing’s into inspired blessing’s”. 

My solid conclusions on life are:
1.    Life is about balance in all seven areas; Physical, Financial, Mental, Social, Vocational, Spiritual and Familial. Any area you are not mastering becomes a void that you will later value.
2.    You are here to master all seven areas of life and any area you do not empower will attract someone who over empowers you, ultimately highlighting you to value that dis-empowered area and grow.
3.    Mastering your perceptions of what is happening in your life is a powerful tool for turning life “scars into stars”, transitioning obstacles from “in the way to on the way”. The speed, in which you can achieve this very aspect, is the speed in which you evolve in life.
4.    Emotional baggage and mis-perceptions of the past or future prevent us from being, present and grateful. This emotional baggage ages the human body, creating stress and disease. We are here to thrive, not survive, so “letting go” is the key to psychological and physical wellbeing.
5.    At the end of our lives we want to be able to say, “thank you and I love you” to everyone we love and appreciate. Spend time daily showing gratitude to those you appreciate, while empowering and appreciating all aspects of your own journey equally.

Moving forward doesn’t need to take weeks, months or years. Life is far too precious for that.

Emmanuel H Anthony Human Behavioural Expert
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