Is Your Home Your Castle?

A home is the biggest investment most people make in their lives. But just how do they – and their agents – ensure they are choosing the ideal property that best suits their needs and lifestyle.

Christian Ryals from LJ Hooker, in Dee Why, explains how his team identifies exactly what their clients need from a new purchase.

In this edition COVERED. asked Christian to consider how his clients can get the most out of their home or prospective home.
Improving your life and general well being means ensuring your home suits you down to the ground. How do you assess this for clients? 
We ask the client to assist with search by naming the top five priorities the home must have? That’s to start.
How do you help clients buy the home they need and ensure they are meeting all their goals?  We dig down and chat about the home and help them look at the pro and cons.

What advice do you give clients and what can you offer. 
Some will want advice while others do not, it’s important to recognize where and when advice is required. We try our best to assist with the whole process and guide clients with any issue they are unsure of or worried about.
You don’t want them to be upset in six months time - how do you manage this and meet expectations? Most people are very happy after they buy. Its important to be transparent throughout the sales process and go beyond client expectations  and this will ensure a solid relationship moving forward.
Can you see things they do not? Given our experience we can advise buyers in small matters they may not initially see that do make a big difference to outcomes for owner and buyer alike.
Does it vary for each client? Yes 100%, all people have different ideas thoughts and expectations – no-one is the same. Selling has to be bespoke to each individual buyer, dependent on their needs and wants
What are the main factors to consider when assessing their needs?  Price, area and size.
Do clients always realise what they need? Not always… but most buyers end up with 7 out of 10 of their main items ticked.
Do you look for a home's potential to meet changing needs?  Potential is what a lot of homes are sold on, as very rarely buyers will get their 10/10, there may be 2-3 items compromised on and it’s the potential of these to be done that will assist in the sale.