Dishing Out Taste

COVERED. spoke to Robert Phillips, Head Chef at Hotel Steyne, to find out about this current menu at this popular Manly eatery. 

1. What is the signature dish of the spring menu?
We actually have two for spring - the scotch fillet which will be served alongside smoked carrot puree, new season asparagus, and a potato gratin with tarragon and green peppercorn butter. 

The second dish will hopefully be a smoked lamb leg pizza, the leg is cured and smoked similar to a ham, thinly sliced and used like prosciutto. I feel like this dish will be well received and be a great option to stay on our menu moving forward after Spring. 
2. What makes your menu unique?
I feel that what sets us apart is our beautiful location. We are a family friendly and community focused local Pub which caters to everyone, with as much of the food made in house as possible and sourcing sustainable and seasonal produce.

3. Why change the menu seasonally?
We change our menu seasonally for many reasons. Firstly and mainly because that's when certain ingredients are at their best and ripest, they are in season. 

Another benefit to this is that this is when they are at their cheapest and most readily available stage in the year, even though we can source most things throughout the year in Australia. 

When you change with each season it brings a breath of fresh air, excitement, keeps the chefs motivated and challenged and retains our traditions and roots from when produce wasn't as readily available, which for me is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. 

4. What can people expect when they eat at The Hotel Steyne?
When you come to eat at The Hotel Steyne we hope to bring everyone together and provide a place for a good feed whether it’s a function, large or small, a BBQ, casual lunch in the bistro, dinner in the courtyard, with kids or without. It’s designed to fit in with your expectations of a local with simple, clean and unpretentious food, at a competitive price and still homemade. 

Steyne Hotel
75 The Corso, Manly
Ph: 9977 4977