Quality Counts

COVERED. spoke to Wonders Toy Shop owner Susan Steel about the difference quality toys can make to pre-schoolers - especially in this digital age.

Technology is simplifying everything in our lives, supposedly. But there is a danger we are ‘dumbing down’ our children by making their toys about touching a button or swiping with a finger.  

Our brains, all those neural networks, are being built intensely in those first early years. Babies and children need to be using their full hands and bodies in play if they are to develop to their full potential.    

Wooden Blocks and other developmental toys such as stackers, shape sorters, musical toys and touch'n'feel board books, encourage a child to use their hands as they turn, taste, chew, bang, stack and experiment.

Well designed, research-based toys allow a child to engage their senses, sight, smell, touch and sound in their play. Open-ended toys that invigorate the imagination are vital to brain development.  

When your child is playing with quality toys you will see them physically move about, looking with curiosity at their own play, give toys voices, play out imaginary scenarios, think and wonder as they play. 

At Wonders Toy Shop - our infant, toddler, pre-school range - is based on what keeps little ones fascinated with things around them, encouraging their natural curiosity, engaging a full sensory experience and expanding their range lifelong possibilities.

Feel free to ask us in store what is best suited to your child or grandchild's age and stage.

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