Fibreglass Fantastic Pools

Fibreglass pools offer many advantages, not least the fact that they are often so much faster to install than concrete pools.

Matthew Ranieri from Narellan Pools reveals more details about why fiberglass pools are fast becoming the pool of choice.

How long does it take to install a fiberglass pool from start to finish?
From Paperwork and deposit, through to getting pool plans drawn up and through council to the actual pool being installed and completed, is roughly an 8-20 week process. Concrete pools are dependent on weather and builders schedules and may take up to 8 months.

What are the main advantages of fibreglass over concrete?
The MAIN advantages are:

  • Price – In most cases fibreglass will be less expensive than concrete pools. Concrete pools take longer to build, use more materials and more labour and these costs are passed onto the client.
  • Speed - Pool installation is generally completed within a week… whereas concrete pools can take up to 12 times that. 
  • Warranty - Buying a fibreglass pool is peace of mind. Both concrete and fibreglass pools will give you a construction warranty which varies between 6 and 7 years depending on state legislation. The benefit of fibreglass is you get a warranty on the shell which with Narellan Pools is for 25 years.

Does it suits some properties better?
No, generally all properties are fine for fibreglass, the only time where it may not be suited is if you need a pool that is such an odd shape that no-one would prefabricate that size or shape. It’s good to get a professionals opinion but in some cases very large overhead trees or lots of wires can make things difficult. In saying that, we have installed pools on blocks with less than 90cm access.

How about a price comparison?
We give out the figure of about $30,000 to $40,000 for an average install to be done with us and we do have a rule of thumb that has proven to be quite accurate for brand new concrete pools which is to choose the size of pool (so 7m,8m,9m etc) and just add four 0’s to the end of the length you have chosen. For instance if you choose a 7m pool, add the four zeros and your quotes will probably come in around $70,000 for a finished concrete pool.

Do they last as long? - do they come with guarantees?
Our pools will outlast a concrete pool and you have 45 years of experience and 25 years of warranty to back that up. Narellan Pools exceed Australian and world-wide standard for manufacturing pools with ISO accreditation, micro chipping in each of our pools ensuring that you may quality control your pool during and post install. 

Are there any restrictions in terms of depth or shape with a fibreglass pool?
We do not built custom shapes or sizes but with our huge range of over 45 different shapes and sizes we are usually able to find something that suits

Are they easy to maintain?
One of the common misconceptions about buying a pool is the amount of time needed to maintain your pool. Technology of fibreglass swimming pools and equipment has come a long way in the last twenty years and we now have completely automated filtration and equipment and heaters that are all able to be controlled from a app on your phone. Narellan Pools are leaders in providing our customers with the latest in pool equipment, technology and aesthetics. 

Who do they appeal to?
Our main target audience is more often mums and young families either looking for a stunning and functional new focal point in their backyard or wanting to have something fun for the kids to use.

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