Sale Ready Staging

Clarke and Humel want to ensure their customers maximise the full potential of the home or property they are selling. And aside from location, the look of the property can make or break a sale.

They give COVERED. readers an insight in how to ensure their property is looking good enough to take to market.

De-clutter. De-clutter. De-clutter. Everyone has clutter and to really let your home tell its story, you need to pare it right back. Pack away all those little personal items that build up over time. Be ruthless, but don’t worry – you don’t have to throw anything special out, just pop it in storage.
Removing clutter helps people see themselves living in the property. Take it too far and things can start looking a bit clinical. Keeping a favourite artwork, a selection of photos or maybe a musical instrument will help the house feel homely and inviting.

The aim is to bring out the best features and the most important thing is that the styling of the home matches the home. Furniture needs to be appropriate for the room’s purpose. This could mean a mix of your current furniture with styled pieces or you might use all styled items. It’s all about simplicity, purpose and style.

Your kitchen, lounge and dining areas or rooms need to look as appealing as possible. When it comes to selling your home, target market influences everything. Styling is no different.  A grand residence in Balgowlah needs to be styled to reflect the home and the lifestyle of the people it will attract. An apartment in Manly might need a more modern touch for a professional crowd.

Profitable Palettes

Colours can make or break a room. Stick with neutrals and use the 60-30-10 rule to get the balance right. 60% dominant colour. 30% secondary colour. 10% accent colour. A fresh coat of paint will certainly help add value but tends not to be cheap. But beware of touch ups as they can end up looking patchy and highlight the wrong thing.
Every home is different. Sometimes a renovation can add tremendous value. It’s really important to get the right advice from the outset. Clarke and Humel are unique in that we have both in-house stylists and an in-house architect so we can offer advice that’s right for each home.
But remember, it’s hard not to judge a book by its cover. Cleaning the façade and tidying gardens will really help with first impressions. Kerb appeal makes a difference too.

At Clarke and Humel our approach is bespoke. Each home is assessed on its own merits. To get the best result you might just need to dust off a few cobwebs or embark on a full renovation. Our in-house designer provides complimentary advice on all things styling, and our in-house architect can help uncover hidden value in your home.
Cherie Humel is both a licensed architect and agent. She has a powerful perspective on getting the most out of your property before placing it on the market. Architectural expertise also comes in handy when talking dream renovations with buyers.

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