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Sam Ayliffe at Astute Financial explains why property is still one of the soundest investments around. And why Astute is the best choice for lenders.

He tells COVERED. about what to look for and when.

Why buy property over other financial investments?
It is worthwhile having a diversified portfolio of property, savings and shares. However, my preference is property as its relatively stable, with consistent growth over past history especially if you view property long term and if it has stable rental income.

What advice can you offer on investment property buying?
Make sure the property has all the growth drivers you are happy with, is easily rentable, that you have done your own research in the price and the market conditions. Always get a building inspection if it is established, as in not new, and let your solicitor review the whole contract too. Use a qualified broker to finance you a great deal.

Can you help absolute beginners in this market as well as more seasoned buyers?
We welcome all clients from first home buyers, and first time investors, to normal home loans, fixed and variable, from building a home, renovating, or accessing equity. We can assist with buying property in your Superfund too. From relocating without selling first, to arranging a deposit bond (10% deposit) on the property for you, we can do anything financial for all walks of life. We will also let you know your limitations to ensure you can afford what you are going into. 

Are there lots of options for investment properties in this area or do buyers look elsewhere?
A lot of people like investing in their own backyard and this can be good or bad, but it is always about what the investment property relates to in return, monthly cashflow, budgeting and expected capital growth. Stepping out, realising there is more than just where we live, can open stronger growth and less risk (loan vs rent vs value). For pure investment, look at areas other areas than your suburb.

What finance can you offer?
We arrange finance for almost everything you can think of. 
Homeloans, Superfund loans, investment loans, car loans, equipment loans. 

What are your lending rates? 
Rate is very important, but it is matched to your needs and products. Everyone claims they have the cheapest, yet they rarely do. We have all rates and packages, from as low as 3.67% 

Why is your service different from other finance companies?
We are a fully diversified company offering anything lending, finance, financial planning, advice, insurance, property. We have it all here with specialist teams to guide you.
We have so much to offer and love what we do. 

This advice is general in nature, and for full financial advice tailored to your own needs, consult one of us specifically at Astute Financial Dee Why.

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