Cocktail Hour Steyne Sensations

The team at COVERED. spoke with the crew at Hotel Steyne about what makes their cocktails great.

What is your own original speciality Signature Cocktail?
Our signature cocktail in Blacket’s is our Gin, Elderflower and fresh Apple.

What is the recipe/ingredients?
Bombay Dry Gin, Elderflower liquor and freshly juiced Granny Smith apples.

What cocktails are popular here?
Our popular cocktails include bourbon and whiskey Old Fashions, Espresso Martinis and our changing cocktail of the week.

What makes you a good cocktail bar?
Our collection of fine spirits - with an emphasis on whiskey and gin, is one of the largest in Manly. It gives off a distinctly prohibition vibe with the cocktails being a reflection of the era. 

Is the atmosphere as important as the drinks?
Definitely, the space in Blacket's is very intimate, two-seater leather lined booths stretch the length of the room. 

Do you have a long list of cocktails available?
Yes, our menu consists of specialty cocktails - plus classics available on request. We also have a cocktail of the week which is specially crafted by our Bar Manager.

What style of cocktails go down well?
Sweet and Creamy cocktails will always go down a treat.

Are cocktails increasingly popular over other drinks?
Yep! Due to the nature of the Steyne, we've got six different bars, when people come to Blacket's it's to enjoy something off our cocktail menu.

Who are your cocktail drinkers- male/female/old/young? Age group?
Our demographic consists of a lot of groups in their 20's looking to explore new drink options. 

Do you have a seasonal cocktail menu? When do you introduce new ones?
Yes, every season we revamp our cocktail menu to reflect the changing temperature and vibe of Manly. Our Spring menu has a focus on floral flavours and gin.

Hotel Steyne
75 The Corso, Manly
(02) 9977 4977