Tropical Delights In A Glass

What is your own original specialty Signature Cocktail
Our signature cocktail is Trenchtown Daiquiri.

What is the recipe and ingredients?
We use Kudjoe Gold Jamaican rum, almond syrup, mango nectar, grilled pineapple & fresh’s a medley of tropical fruit flavours & characterful jamaican rum.

What cocktails are popular here?
Banana Colada, it is served in a fresh coconut shell with sparklers! Watermelon Cooler, fresh watermelon juice and Kudjoe white rum.

What makes you a good cocktail bar?
We take are a professional career bartenders with a passion for what we do, whilst not taking ourselves to seriously and have plenty of fun!

Is the atmosphere as important as the drinks?
Ambience is key. The lighting, music choice all those sensory aspects are just as important.

Do you have a long list of cocktails available?
We have a punchy list of 12 or so drinks and change them for each season. The thing with large menu’s is quite often not all drinks deserve to be there, all of the drinks on our list warrant a place.

What style of cocktails go down well - creamy, sour?
Well balanced drinks are the way forward. Someone may like mango or coconut but the key to the drink being sessionable & the guest having another is balance. Long drinks tend to go well in the tropical setting that is Jamtown.

Are cocktails increasingly popular over other drinks?
When guests walk in to Jamtown they want cocktails because you get the vibe that is what we do, people take comfort in the fact that we are passionate and confident in our service of mixed drinks, after all it is an investment into the unknown!

Who are your cocktail drinkers- male/female. old/young? Age group?
The demographic varies from hour to hour, day to day. Younger peeps tend to stay safe and have spirit mixers or beer and the slightly older crowd are maybe a little more familiar or confident in cocktails and want to go back to that tropical holiday memory they once had!

Do you have a seasonal cocktail menu? When do you introduce new ones?
As mentioned we do have a seasonal change but quite often it is only 3 or 4 changes as we have a large core group of regulars who love a particular drink or 3!

Jamtown Manly
32 Belgrave Street, Manly
Ph: (02) 9976 5707
Open: Tues-Sat: 5pm - Midnight. Sun: 5am - 10pm