A Big Win for the Ocean!

On Tuesday, BP announced  they’re ditching their plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight!

This is as a direct result of the outcry and many years of pressure from environmentalists like popular Northern Beaches retailer ecodownunder who joined forces under the Great Australian Bight Alliance to ensure this home to endangered species remained intact.

Their story in our Spring edition covered ecodownunder’s trip to Kangaroo Island in support of Sea Shepherd’s  involvement in the campaign to prevent big oil companies from drilling in these pristine waters.

This news makes it a very joyous day, for the whales and the sharks and the seals and the dolphins and the penguins and all the other incredible marine life that call the Great Australian Bight home.” Sea Shepherd Managing Director, Jeff Hansen.

“This is a great outcome for the Great Australian Bight Alliance” said Beverley Tilbury from ecodownunder. a long time supporter of Sea Shepherd who were an integral part of the Alliance. 

If you want to support Sea Shepherd, you can purchase Sea Shepherd merchandise in many ecodownunder stores.

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