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Geoff Sinclair - Jethro's Garage Sales

Geoff Sinclair - Jethro's Garage Sales

Buying second-hand white goods and having the old models removed is no longer an easy process – as one Northern Beaches entrepreneur found to his advantage.

Recycler and Removalist Geoff Sinclair has a thriving business refurbishing white goods up and down the beaches and further afield.

What started as something of a hobby more than 15 years ago, when he began finding hidden treasures in council clean-ups, has grown into a busy enterprise.

“I hated seeing useful things get crushed by the dump trucks and used to just walk around for exercise and find stuff while there.

I used to pile everything into my Holden Commodore and later purchased a trailer and then could bring the larger items home.”

Geoff repaired furniture then sold it on sometimes through auction houses or online. He later moved onto white goods like washing machines and fridges. After a few years, he began selling household goods for other people and his hobby developed into a fulltime job.

“Customers would give me the old machine, which was broken and dirty and I would repair it and clean it until it almost looked like new again. I would strip the machines that were too expensive to repair and retrieve any useful parts for use in the machines that needed fixing.”

“Many of the machines would be in pretty good condition but too expensive to mend due to high quoted repairs but because I have a large stockpile of parts I can fix these machines at a reasonable cost and sell them for less than the repair quote.”

Each machine is run and tested through its cycles to determine the problem and faulty parts are replaced. They are completely cleaned inside and any dents are removed from the external cover and rust cleaned and treated with rust converter, then spray painted in appliance white. 

Geoff now repairs and sells hundreds of white goods every year giving a 30 day standard warranty and offering extended warranties for the more valuable whitegoods.

The washer doctor is easy to spot doing his rounds in a Mercedes Sprinter ex-ambulance. He works out of a large shed near Terrey Hills and has recently created a shop warehouse in one of them to show the whitegoods.

Geoff has an array of washing machines, dryers and fridges of varying sizes and brands and offers a competitvely priced delivery service. He always removes the broken appliance he is replacing. In addition he has a warehouse with household goods, furniture and watercraft of all types. 

Jethro’s Garage Sales

Geoff: 0431 827382 

White Goods Supply, Sell and removal of unwanted Washing Machines Fridges and Dryers. Based in Belrose and services the Northern Beaches and Sydney Metro.

words: Gillian Currie