Storage Style STRESS FREE

Whatever your style; whether you’re a sneaker collector, a denim lover, a tee shirt saver, whether you prefer walk-in or freestanding, open or fitted; IKEA has a wide range of wardrobe choices. COVERED. found out just how much flexibility of choice you have (spoiler, it’s a lot!). 

IKEA has wardrobes to suit your clothes, your style and your space. If you’ve got little ones too, they’ve got a range of kid-friendly options that’ll perfectly capture your child’s personality in design, as well as being durable and practical. Their range has everyone from the most minimal of minimalists, to all you shopaholics, covered.

Wardrobes are a wonderfully easy way of visually decluttering a room. There’s the option of using clothes hangers, filling and stacking storage boxes… and the list goes on.  

Another highlight with IKEA wardrobes, is that they’re flexible to suit your needs. Clothes storage can be stressful, and the variety of options combined with the know how of the team, allows the bedroom specialists to work around your current situation; whether you have an existing cupboard space or a total ‘floordrobe’. 

The PAX system is an awesome way of mixing and matching, and working with whatever you’ve got. There is no PAX combo too high or too wide, as IKEA’s individual pieces combine together to ensure the utmost efficiency in its use of space. 

Rushing out the door and throwing together an outfit? Why wouldn’t you want a wardrobe that clearly exhibits your shoes or jewellery, so it’s easy to see what you’ve got? There’s also the option of hiding or showing your outfits, ensuring there’s a place for everything, and it all stays in its place. We’d even go so far as to say this could remedy the messiest of messy kids!

To find out more about IKEA’s wardrobe options, book into a free planning appointment at the IKEA Home planning studio at Westfield Warringah Mall. The first of its kind in Australia, it’s dedicated to modular kitchens and fitted wardrobes. The knowledgeable team can show you options from door styles to colours, lighting, handles and sizes.

They’re full of clever ideas they can’t wait to share with you… and they can’t wait to hear yours. 

Call the IKEA Home planning studio for a free appointment on 0437 831 435.

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