The benefits of swimming all year round

words by Narelle Simpson

Summer is coming to an end but not the importance of water safety. It’s important that your child or baby doesn’t lose their confidence around water from prolonged breaks. Early introduction to water and breath control allows your child to enjoy the pleasure of exploring the tactile senses and stimulation that helps in their development. 

At NS Swim School we have developed a three step program in our parent/guardian and babies class to build confidence and survival skills from as young as six months. We also offer a handy hints sheet to help you advance your infant’s skills. 

When you have completed our three step program, your child should have good breath control and independence in the water including skills of floating, grabbing edges and walls, safe entry and exit and swim skills appropriate for their gross and fine motor development. Remember, children learn at their own development rate and floating shouldn’t be forced. 

NS Swim School in Brookvale’s 18m x 6m pool is heated to 32˚ C, perfect for teaching and stroke development before continuing in our outdoor hired lane space for squads. 

On the Northern Beaches we are surrounded by water. We have the highest percentage of backyard pools in Sydney per capita including beach pools. Children are attracted to water. It’s important they learn survival techniques from a young age, so it becomes a habit. The only way to maintain these skills is to continue lessons throughout the year. Why not enrol as a mother’s group and learn the love of water together? 

For further information please contact our friendly staff on 9907 4637 or email:

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