Summer Health Tips

eat your veggies!

Yep, adults need to eat their veggies too! It’s not just a phrase we feed the kids along with slyly hidden broccoli. It’s a healthy way to snack and is easy to prepare in a pinch. It’s as quick as chopping up some carrots on your way out the door!

slip, slop, slap!

In the summer more than ever, it’s crucial you go everywhere with a trusty bottle of sunscreen to make sure you don’t regret the beach days at 8pm that night, when you’re crying in front of the mirror and frantically applying aloe vera to the sunburn. Mortality rate is notoriously
high in Australia for melanoma, and…
need we go on, folks? Or will you take
our word for it?


take time out

Set aside a certain time each day, to take time out from whatever’s in your life. Whether it’s kids or work, check in with yourself and put your feet up, if not for only fifteen minutes. 

health tips image4.jpg

find new ways to move

Exercising doesn’t have to be sweating it out on the treadmill! Boxing, kung fu, salsa dancing, or XTEND BARRE… try things out and have fun with it. A lot of places start you off on a free trial, so you can see if it’s your thing before you fully commit.