A New Look with Studio 8 Hair

Spring is here and while we have all been in hibernation for the last few months with our trackies and fluffy socks on, it’s time to get yourself back out there. Get the fake tan on and treat yourself to a pedicure because summer is coming. Get your summer plumage ready, freshen up your look and feel inspired by Studio 8’s new trends for spring and summer.

A Touch of Colour
Colour doesn’t always have to be extreme, a few subtle highlights or babylights can make a difference. Blonde or brunette, face framing can be an amazing way to brighten up around the face, making your eyes pop and your features stand out without worrying about the roots.

Toasted Coconut
Balayage comes in a variety of shades and tones. The newest hot trend to hit Instagram is Toasted Coconut. Starting with rich brown tones at the root melting into golden blonde, giving your hair a sunkissed effortless look. Great for brunettes who want to dip their toe into a blonde hue.

Shadow Toned
Already blonde? Shadow toned hair is a good way to add more depth to already blonde hair. Combine shadow toning with babylights to create a soft organic root keeping the hair as an overall blonde without having to have it retouched for three to six months.

An easy way to change your look, creating shape and adding style, are bangs/ a fringe. This might take you back to your old school photos where your mum got out the kitchen scissors leaving you looking like Lloyd from Dumber and Dumber… It doesn’t have to be this way. While a short, straight fringe can look great on the right person by framing their features, a longer low maintenance fringe can be a game changer. This cool easy style can be swept to the side, pushed back or parted in the middle, you decide. 

The stylists at Studio 8 hair on Manly beachfront are specialists in blonde and balayage and they take great care in personalising and tailoring your colour and cut to what suits your look, colourings and lifestyle. •

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