Fight the Frizz

Summer in Australia is the best, with long sunny days and balmy evenings. But there is one common complaint… frizzy hair. Us girls are no strangers to this, but the team at Studio 8 have got you, with their best tips to keep the frizz at bay this summer. 

Keratin treatments
Your hair is made-up of keratin. The treatment puts the protein back into the hair, rebuilding damaged areas and smoothing the cuticle, which increases shine and decreases frizz. Blow-drying time is cut in half and your style will hold for much longer even in the humidity of the Northern Beaches. Keratin treatments can last anywhere between two to six months, depending on the brand of keratin you choose, the way it is applied and your lifestyle. Using a sulphate free shampoo is a must: sulphate can be harsh on hair, stripping out colour and your keratin treatment.

There are lots of different keratin treatments and it is best to book a free consultation with one of our highly experienced stylists at Studio 8 to find the best treatment that suits your hair type.

Shampoo and Conditioners
One of the easiest ways to reduce frizz and rehydrate your hair is to use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Our fave at Studio 8 is Caviar’s Anti-Frizz by Alterna. Use with the Anti-Frizz nourishing oil; light enough for all types of hair yet rich enough to tackle thick, coarse and unruly hair. It’s clinically proven to control frizz, improve condition by 80%, and increase shine by 250%. 

Heat Protection Products 
Look for heat and U.V protection in your styling products to prevent damage and keep frizz levels under control. All Caviar products have U.V and heat protection up to 230 degrees.

Natural oils
Washing too frequently can strip out natural oils, leaving the hair feeling dry and brittle. If you swim or surf every day, add a small amount of conditioner through your hair before entering the water. Once you’re out of the water rinse thoroughly and comb through a leave-in conditioner.

Try a keratin treatment this summer at Studio 8 Hair.
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