Change your Finance State of Play


word by: john vickery  photography: megan vickery

Everyone knows that Dee Why is becoming the financial centre of the Northern Beaches, with the new developments going up more and more in Dee Why. COVERED. publisher John Vickery took a walk with Sam Ayliffe from Astute Financial Dee Why to find out the real state of all things finance.

G’day Sam, a lot of the people out in the market place are wondering about the fall in house pricing, how it’s going to affect the Northern Beaches and most importantly, how this will have an effect of getting finance in the market for all things houses, business, cars and all the toys we have come to enjoy. Well John, the banks are challenging to deal with at the moment, looking harder than ever at decisions accessing credit and people’s ability to pay back the amount borrowed. 

Okay, what are the specifics? Bank policies are wide and varied. While one may not accept overtime, bonuses, maternity leave, others will. It’s not a simple tick the boxes and you win solution anymore.

Give us an example. Well even in this difficult market there are banks waiving expensive ‘Lenders Mortgage Insurance Premiums’, if you fit within their criteria. This could save you easily $20,000 in a one-off Cost/Premium, on a typical $800,000 purchase with only a 10% deposit.

Wow! That’s a lot of dosh. There are so many lenders on the market other than the Big 4 it definitely pays to shop around. Here at Astute Dee Why we have over 40 that we actively engage with, matching a loan to your goals both current and future and presenting you with a simple, straightforward solution suited to your individual needs.


Okay now I get it, it’s pairing up the situation to the lender options.That’s right, in these tighter lending restriction times you have to know and focus on lending options that enable you to get the job done. If you don’t know where to go, you run the risk of opening up a personal credit file ‘decline’ that can negatively impact your credit history with one failed enquiry.

So you can do some damage if you don’t get it right? It can create limitations down the track, so we match the lender correctly and work with you to earn you an approval. Finance is really all about real people in the end, how they run their lives, their local business and how they operate in the community. We at Astute Dee Why are the same locals who have varying circumstances. You need to be able to process all the information you have at hand for the applicant’s situation and work those numbers to find a solution. 

What is the climate at the present time? Well yes it’s tighter at present but again it’s about managing your process, liaising with you after hours, ensuring you, your solicitor, if it’s a house loan the agent, all communicate when relevant to get you into the property you want. 

I already have a loan and I’m sure there is a better deal out there. What’s the go with this situation at present? Challenge your current provider with a better deal. At Astute Dee Why we love the challenge, and do all of the work for you to get a better deal with a refinance… we have banks offering rebates, market leading rates, and all the policy to choose from, this could literally save you thousands of dollars. 

15 years in Dee Why Sam, I take it you know your stuff and the state of the market, what sort of deal can you offer the COVERED. readers? Look it’s all about reassessing your situation, knowing your options and letting a team take care of the process. The Astute Dee Why team are all established experienced Brokers and Advisers, ready to better the finance situation you require. Times are challenging but with the right advice and team behind you, there is nothing that can’t be achieved and a better deal arranged. 

Thanks Sam. If you need to take a look at your financial situation, house, car, business equipment, please quote COVERED. and Sam and his team will take premium care of your solution.

Astute Dee Why: the finance centre of the Northern Beaches. If you want to text or speak to Sam, contact him on 0414 976 865.

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