Rukus Café

Just off the main drag and tucked away on the corner of an arcade, Rukus Café seems to come from a different era. 

This little hotspot has been grabbing people’s attention with its fun atmosphere, organic and sugar-free food and ridiculously good coffee. 

As a health-focused venue, Rukus seeks to understand the wants, needs and recommendations of customers and the locals it serves. 

Owners Tom Morrison, Shaun Pereira and Matt Whiteley came together as friends with a vision to, “do healthy food that doesn’t taste like cardboard and doesn’t cost a pint of blood and a big toe,” laughs Shaun. 

Choosing a name for the café, the boys played with the idea of a place that was fun and stumbled upon the word ruckus. They removed the ‘c’ and Rukus was born. 

Coming from experienced hospitality backgrounds in coffee, running cafés and catering, the friends knew they had the know-how to make Rukus work. 

The breakfast menu is different and intriguing, offering organic chia jars, super quinoa porridge with spiced poached pear and poached eggs with black beans and corn chip dukkah. A trending favourite has been the green smoothie bowl, made with avocado, spinach, banana, coconut water, and a selection of seasonal fresh fruit and edible flowers on top.

The café has a delicious sugar-free, organic lunch menu with the ‘Coal Roll’ reigning supreme for attention and taste. A black charcoal brioche bun with bacon, egg, spinach, avocado, spiced smokey BBQ sauce and herb aioli. Other favourites are the Rukus cheeseburger and the raw ensalada.

“We wanted to offer people good food without costing too much. There is only one item on our menu over $14 and it’s an organic blue lentil salad with beetroot hummus and organic pumpkin,” Shaun adds.

Using ethically sourced coffee beans, the team roasts its own coffee available for sale to other cafés looking to support Fairtrade and organic roasts. 

“Roasting our own coffee makes us stand out a little, our house blend is spicy, chocolaty with overtones of strawberry and a long finish and we have a different single origin each week,” explains Shaun.

The café also features its own ‘Jesus Cup’ to bless random customers with free coffees.

“We have a culture of generosity here. There are more important things than money and we hope people get that vibe when they come here,” says Shaun.  

Rukus Café
5c/7 Robertson Rd, Newport
0422 984 612 |

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