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  • Br Brave Artspace 5-7 Careel Head Road Avalon Beach, NSW, 2107 Australia (map)
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By definition, a transition is the process of changing from one state or condition to another. It is an element in between that could be measured with time and distance. It could last the snap of fingers or it could be a 6 metres long hallway.

For Miguel “Transitions” talks about elements and circumstances that helped throughout his process of changes during six years of adapting from one environment to a new nationality. Things that made the hardest and most difficult moments into subtle and gentle instants. These can be shown as hands that connect with each other representing support and strength, partnerships and community.

It is also shown through the use of colours and abstract elements that connect all the pieces together. Some of them representing different situations or actions that helped him overcome inevitable traumas during his transition.

Miguel also experiments with gradients between strong hues over dark colours, as symbols of protest and awareness of the current crisis that faces his home country Venezuela. A country submerged in the darkness of the regime, isolated and now literally in darkness for lack of energy all around.

Desperation and frustration, became the common for every Venezuelan living inside and outside the country, in different levels, but all connected by the same feelings. Colours, gradients and shapes over dark spaces suggest that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Bio – Miguel Gonzalez (M-Lon)

Miguel Gonzalez [AKA: M-Lon] Australian artist, born in Venezuela, currently based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With a background in architecture and more than 10 years practise with his own studio in Caracas, he decided to follow his other passion once he arrived in Sydney: becoming a full-time artist and illustrator. This gave him the opportunity to try new formats focusing in the creation of murals for private clients as well as corporate and institutional projects, creating artworks indoors and outdoors.

Miguel has been part of national and international collective and solo exhibitions, as well as participating in important art fairs. Co-founder and director of La Crème Creative Inc. (not for profit creative community & co-working space) and co-founder of Kayapa Creative Studio (art & design projects).

Contact: Instagram: @MLon