The Settlement unveil bold new single, 'Take It Slow'

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Full of warmth, lyrical strength and musical dynamism, The Settlement has continued to strive forward musically since the release of their single ‘Loving On You’ in 2018. Now, the alt-folk five-piece have returned with another taste of their sophomore, this time in the irresistible ‘Take It Slow’.

A bright return from one of Victoria’s strongest live acts, The Settlement have channelled a matured grasp on songwriting into their latest effort, the result being their refined and musically most cohesive release to date. ‘Take It Slow’, in its simmering, gorgeously constructed form, plays with shadowy tones expertly, as the band continue to weave their way in and out of musical stories of love, frustration, yearning and unabashed honesty.

The marriage of evocative guitars with driving percussion and the unmistakable rhythmic baritone vocals from Adrian Calvano make ‘Take It Slow’ a compelling listen - a sound that fits at home as well internationally as it does right at home here in Australia. Recording with Fraser Montgomery at The Aviary Studios, ‘Take It Slow’ is another indicator of the band The Settlement continues to flourish into as 2019 reveals itself, and their long-awaited second album nears release.

The release of The Settlement’s debut album Stand In The Middle saw the band propelled on to more radars around the country, a platform the band used to further showcase their potential as writers and musicians. A potential that became realised and more, over the course of multiple shows throughout Australia and in America. Touring through the US, including showcases at New York’s Mondo Festival and Los Angeles’ YouBloomLA not only opened the band’s eyes to the horizons available, but it left a mark on their audiences that the release of this new album aims to build upon.

Since the band’s formation in 2015, The Settlement have demonstrated great versatility in their sound and performance presence, thriving on large stages at some of Australia’s biggest festivals and earning acclaim along the way. With 2019 well underway, The Settlement’s return with ‘Take It Slow’ is the perfect reintroduction to a band levelling up and entering their brightest chapter yet.

Touring through into May, the band’s countdown to album release day is getting more eventful than ever. The east coast is getting their dates with them soon, but make no mistake, The Settlement are bringing their new sounds to more audiences this year.