The Social Rebellion with Maz Compton


Media personality turned health and wellness advocate Maz Compton, has launched a new book, ‘The Social Rebellion’ and a brand-new movement. COVERED. found out about her journey away from alcohol and her latest venture.

Maz Compton says her new book and online course can help you redefine your relationship with alcohol.

“Our society uses a dangerous currency: Alcohol. We drink at any occasion for any reason—be it sad, bad, or brilliant— and fail to understand why we are either intoxicated, hungover or waiting for the next round,” says Maz.

The Social Rebellion explains how freedom from these so-called ‘social norms’ begins with a cheeky month alcohol-free and contains a 31 Day blueprint to help readers take a month away from the bottle, in a bid to redefine their relationship with alcohol. It comes with a daily action plan to help achieve this goal.

“I am excited about the opportunities for The Social Rebellion to empower people to redefine their relationship with alcohol, as we wake up to this underlying social issue sabotaging our ultimate happiness and best self, and we can start living the life we want, rather than the one we feel trapped by,” Maz explains.

Drawing from her personal journey from ‘alcohol at everything’ to ‘alcohol-free’, she personally appreciates how easy it is to feel ‘trapped’ by drinking habits, social routines and work pressure.

Maz, who now owns two F45 studios, decided to live for one month alcohol- free in 2015, and maintains she discovered so much more than a healthy glow. She says that making this simple choice empowered her to make better decisions and to become happier and healthier. “The clarity, empowerment and freedom I discovered was far beyond my expectation. I found the relief I’d been searching for which has taken me on a new and adventurous path, far greater than I could imagine,” she adds.

Now her passion is for each person to experience this way of living for themselves. The book and e-course questions, ‘are you comfortable with your relationship with alcohol?’ and if you’re not, it offers help and hope.


The Social Rebellion is a self- empowerment book which:

  • identifies the reason people drink, perhaps a bit too much or too often
  • encourages the understanding of habit formation
  • exposes the myths around alcohol in our society
  • presents a detailed daily one-month alcohol-free living guide; 31 Days
  • enables readers to be better equipped to live their best life.

The book, which has been endorsed by The Dry July Foundation, helps reveal some home truths about habits, relationships and ultimately about coping mechanisms plus a way to go about life, alcohol-free. Maz says it gives each person the chance to understand themselves a little better, in the hope they can make informed choices which lead to a healthy lifestyle.

The Social Rebellion; How True Freedom Begins with A Cheeky Month Alcohol- Free can be ordered from and watch out for the Pop-Up alcohol-free soda bar at the finish at this year’s Pub2Pub festival on Sunday, August 26. •