THE RUN unleash soaring indie sounds with new single, ‘MISSING OUT ON’


There is a reason heartbreak songs are so popular. Arriving at just the right time for a lot of listeners, hearing lyrics that navigate emotional terrain we’ve all been down can be comforting and cathartic. When it comes to the latest release from Melbourne group The Run, this feeling definitely applies. The band’s new single ‘Missing Out On’ captures gorgeous choral vocals in with a mix of indie and soul similar to Ruel and Lime Cordiale, to present a musical letter to the one who is not going to be keeping you down.

Lead vocalist Connor Morel charges with emotion as he sings about a love lost but personal growth and strength gained, backed by a rich chorus of voices that really drive the lyrics home. Music swells and builds as the rhythm guitar takes on an almost vintage soul throwback in amongst the fresh contemporary rock sounds courtesy of Will Conway and Sab Rawson. Recording the single with Ezekiel Fenn and Michael Best (Entente Music, Big Creature), The Run emerge for 2019 with possibly their strongest sound yet.

A journey music listeners first got a taste of back in 2017 with the single ‘Everything You Want’, The Run have been consistently defining and exploring their musical identity. Where they are at now represents not only cohesiveness, but excitement in knowing what’s to come. Thriving on live stages, The Run are in the best place they can be. “Recording the single was probably the most caffeinated week I’ve had on planet Earth and I don’t regret a thing. It was super nerve-racking (this song’s been floating around for about a year and a half now) so trying to make sure we ‘got it right’ was something that was really important to us,” Will Conway, The Run.

This is just the beginning of a brand new chapter.