Ruby Tuesdays explore lamentation with new single and video


Wearing heart and influences firmly on sleeve, Ruby Tuesdays present their soul-drenched new single, ‘Why You Always Gotta Fight Me’. A strikingly vulnerable offering from the Wollongong five-piece, this new release is the perfect soundtrack to your summer.

Percussion builds and crashes over evocative vocals and harmonies. The central question -‘why you always gotta fight me?’ - rings out strong and as the pacing of the track becomes more fervent, the way Mate Jones’ vocals build becomes more urgent. There’s a yearning the band brings to the arrangement and delivery of lyricism with the single, one that can’t be ignored.
‘Why You Always Gotta Fight Me’ deftly switches with ferocious energy and tender vulnerability that has the songwriter lay his cards bare early on. Ruby Tuesdays describes it as “a tender soulful plea that evolves into a big crescendo mess on when good love goes bad, a tale of love, loss, heartbreak and ultimately accepting fate.” 
It’s a tale that has also been represented aptly visually too. Following the breakdown of a relationship, it’s a stark look at how a partnership can devolve. 

This energy captured so powerfully on record, filters through into the Ruby Tuesdays live experience, one the band is eager to continue building upon and sharing with their fans in the New Year. Touring through NSW in January and February, “Why You Always Gotta Fight Me” will be realised for the first time live, as the band debuts a new live show packed with passion and hard hitting, concentrated chaos.
The release of ‘Why You Always Gotta Fight Me’ is a perfect introduction to the band, should there be listeners coming to their music for the first time; an earnest band with a strong hold on arresting songwriting and immaculately soulful delivery.

The single launch is on the 23rd of February at the Heritage Hotel in Bulli Bulli.