Ripples Making Waves: Eddie Blake

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Ripple Film is a commercial film and photography company making waves, locally and internationally. With clients like Roc Boots and Universal Music, as well as local favourites like Manly Spirits, the company maintains its roots as a passionate, hard-working enterprise born on the beaches. Tara Wesson sat down with Ripple’s founder, Eddie Blake.

How did you get started?

I’ve got a marketing background. Through that, they put me through some editing courses. I went to the short film school at night while I was working, and then built up a couple of clients and worked three jobs for about a year. I’ve been freelancing for about three years, solo now.

Was there a point where you went, okay, I’ve made it in the industry?

I'm always striving to be better, I don’t feel like I’ve made it, but I’m definitely super happy with everything that’s happened so far.

Is there such thing as a typical day at the office for you?

Not really. It changes all the time. My job, it’s project to project, whatever the brief is, everything can change. Every day is pretty different.

Does that take you to some interesting places?

Yeah, for sure. This year I’ve been to Japan, Greece, Bali, Maldives, and going to New York next year.

Any crazy experiences you’ve had on the job?

I’ve shot some surfing and snow-boarding, been on a surf boat with some pretty high profile surfers, so it’s been pretty cool to just hang out and document their travel experiences.

Do you have any personal projects going on?

I don’t. The last thing I shot that was a personal project was around this plastic pollution while I was in Bali. I stayed there for a month and we stayed on this river mouth and I did a small piece, just to create a bit of awareness.

Are you interested in the documentary style?

For sure. I guess filmmaking is a version of storytelling, you know? I think I’ve developed a bit of a style, and if a job calls for it, I’m always keen to tell a story.

Why do you love what you do?

I just like the whole process, creating things and bringing everything together. It is awesome that I’m getting up every day, like, frothing to go to work, so I’m super lucky.

Does growing up here influence your projects at all?

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Yeah, my company’s called Ripple Film, so that’s a bit of reference to the ocean I suppose, and kind of the way I shoot too; it’s all pretty free flowing.

Where do you see yourself going next?

I’ve been working with a couple of agencies recently. I’m keen to be doing bigger jobs, TV commercial sort of stuff, possibly movies, I don’t know, I’m super happy and lucky at the moment because I get to work for some awesome brands. It’s a good space to be in. •