"Reef" exhibition set to open at Sydney Road Gallery


We protect what we love, so underwater photographers Harriet and Richard are sharing their love of the planet’s biggest living organism by bringing the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney.

Around the world, Coral Reefs are under threat. 

The world’s top climate scientists have warned that if we don’t keep temperatures increase to 1.5C below pre-industrial levels, coral reefs are likely to decline between 70% and 90%. If global warming reaches 2C, more than 99% of coral reefs are projected to decline. 

The outlook for coral reefs around the world is bleak, and without more action globally, we face the risk of losing one of the Earth’s most precious ecosystems. 

‘Reef’ is an exhibition that will showcase the splendor and beauty of coral reefs, and the abundance of life that calls this ecosystem home. It’s a hopeful reminder of all that we still have to protect - that it’s not too late to save the world’s largest living ecosystem. 

The Northern Beaches is a community deeply connected to the ocean. Our beaches, surf-breaks and marine sanctuaries are loved by tourists and locals alike. While the Great Barrier Reef is not directly accessible from the Northern Beaches, the people that can help protect it certainly are. 

The exhibition opens on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at 3 PM – 6 PM.