Rackett UnCOVERED.


Experimental punk-pop band Rackett has been touted as ‘one to watch’. The all-girl group is known for thrilling live shows and having plenty of energy. Currently touring Australia, they are regulars at Hotel Steyne and recently released their new single Space Cadet, a rocketing psych-jam introducing their new extraterrestrial friend Steve the alien. COVERED. found out more.

Who is Rackett?

Bec Callander on vocals/guitar, Ally Gavin on bass, Kat Ayala on lead guitar and Astrid Holz on drums.

How did you meet?

Ally and Bec met at a house party where Ally was playing keys and bass in another band. Kat and Bec played together in Bec’s old band for a bit and Astrid and Kat played in another punk band together. We met on the local music scene, we were already on our own journeys in music, in other bands but we all shared similar aspirations and we just aligned at the right time to create a group full of passion for a shared dream.

Where did you start rehearsing?

In a warehouse studio Bec used to own/run called The Vault Room in Brookvale. The space also hosted many messy, live music nights with performances by local Northern Beaches bands including our friends The Ruminaters. Now we rehearse in Marrickville, in Astrid and Kat’s studio.

When was your first big break?

Every gig is a win. Every new fan is a win. On a local level, I guess we’ve had a few breaks. We’ve been the face of a national General Pants Campaign and also featured extensively by local Northern Beaches entrepreneur One Teaspoon, toured nationally with The Darkness and a heap of big Australian bands and won Rockin the Puburbs competition in late 2017.

Where are you all from?

Ally and Bec live on the Northern Beaches and Astrid and Kat are located in the inner west of Sydney.

What did you do before this?

Everything! Between us, we’ve covered nearly every industry from selling cars to being celebrity impersonators.

You recently released a single - Space Cadet?

We’ve released an EP and two singles. The EP was produced by Dave Hammer, it’s sharp and edgy, punchy and very meticulously produced. The last two singles we wanted to produce ourselves in an attempt to flex all our skills and develop our sound, which we did. These last two recordings are different to the EP, they are psych, playful, a bit loose but we love all of the recordings we have done.

Your music is described as punk pop, is that right?

Yeah, but we’re heading away from punk in the sonic sense although it’s still an attitude.

How is it with four women all contributing to decisions?

Just like anyone making a decision, we list the pros and cons. We’re best mates. We love touring together, we share similar beliefs and interests off stage.

You’ve been doing a lot of gigs, do you like touring?

We live for the stage. The lights on our faces, the speakers blaring our music, the pre-show excitement is a drug, no matter what size the audience, it’s an extraordinary thrill.

What’s next?

We are on our Space Cadet Tour until the end of July. Space Cadet is a total creative indulgence project, the music and the stage show are hyper creative and, well, far out. We’ve had these amazing space suits made by Queensland designer Racy and Lucky, complimented by intergalactic visuals and new music.

What’s the big goal?

Working with Rick Ruben, touring the world, working as a full-time band and writing and playing to audiences full-time, playing arenas - just the basic rock star stuff. •

Follow Rackett: www.rackett.tv/