Ode to Oceans


Simone Read is an emerging Aussie artist and Visual Arts teacher with a passion for the ocean that we beach babies know all too well. Her recent Body of Work explores aerial views of ocean pools around New South Wales.

Picture this: an intense richness of colour and intricate detail. Running ink and rock salts that smell of the sea. Bright blues blending into foamy whites.

Simone Read’s work focuses on vast seaside landscapes and instills a sense of peace as she captures the rhythm and movement of the ocean, alongside the stillness of the ocean pools.


The combination of inks, gouache and rock salts are intriguingly used in a free and uncontrolled way; an organic connection to the natural space that she paints. The way the inks react to the salts allow the inks to run, creating the structure of her works.

A quiet calm, and the expressive qualities and sensitivities Simone feels from that particular place, is what she invites the audience to connect with. The aerial view perspective suggests a whimsical journey of exploration, inviting the audience to feel a sense of belonging.

Highly influenced by Australian artist John Olsen and the deep engagement he has with the landscape, Simone’s intention is also to abstract the view from places she has been, endeavouring to explore and translate for somebody else.

Enjoy the view.

Simone will be exhibiting her work, this March at Traffic Jam Galleries, 41 Military Rd, Neutral Bay.

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