The Nicoteenagers kick down 2019’s door with crushing new single ‘Big Thing’


Opening with frenetic guitar and a pummeling fusion of percussion and bass, ‘Big Thing’ lays its groundwork for a three and a half minute rock and roll epic early. Perfect for music fans who like their rock music delivered undiluted with a side of scrambled, electrified chaos, ‘Big Thing’ is The Nicoteenagers capturing this perfect storm on record with flair. The Nirvana influences can be heard throughout, but in the vocals and warped nuances of the electric guitar, The Nicoteenagers’ latest comes reminiscent of early MuseRadiohead and Tool - doused in equal parts drama and rhythmic prowess.
Establishing themselves as a new rock band to watch is a task many groups in Melbourne have tackled, though in the case of The Nicoteenagers, the buzz surrounding them has been matched by fiery live gigs and an onstage charm that has seen audiences respond in kind.
The title on its own indicates the ambition The Nicoteenagers have harnessed over the last year, dedicating their time in studio and on stage to finessing and honing their craft as a performing unit.  
The band spent 2018 performing and generating great groundswell locally for their approach to delivering live rock and roll in a effortlessly fun and accessible way; eyeing up 2019, The Nicoteenagers are looking to taking things to the next level, with ‘Big Thing’ being just the beginning.

Friday 18th January Revolver Bandroom Melbourne
Supported by Slomo + Go Dog Go
$15 at door
‘Big Thing’ is released Friday 18th January 2019