Lucifer Gunne throw down frenetic new single ‘Energenetic’

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Lucifer Gunne may be a new name to Australian ears, but with new music on the way from the New Zealanders in 2019, the band is going to be ensuring theirs is a permanent name on radars yet. Bristling with attitude and delivered with prowess, ‘Energenetic’ is the first of a series of new music from Lucifer Gunne to not only introduce them, but also leave an impact.

For Wellington rockers Lucifer Gunne, the journey toward their chest-punching new single ‘ENERGENETIC’ has been one of evolution and growth. The four piece bring a diverse list of musical influences to the table in establishing a sound all their own, one that has been elevating them as one’s to watch in New Zealand. Now, it’s Australia’s turn.

With ‘Energenetic’, the listener is confronted with a chaotic combination of furious guitars and rhythmic progressions. Lead vocalist Rory McDonald injects spit and grit on the track, with a vocal quality invoking the energy of artists including Mike Patton and Marilyn Manson, the latter being an inspiration for the band’s name. Channeling emotion into the lyrics, ultimately matching the rage and passion of the music, is an element of Lucifer Gunne’s flourishing artistry that has attracted many fans - ‘Energenetic’ is a perfect example of this talent operating at full pelt.

‘Energenetic’ pulsates with precision - a single that brings together hard-rock with punk and even some underlying pop melodies.

Formed in 2017, the Lucifer Gunne sound has developed consistently through single releases and a flurry of shows in New Zealand that was quick to capture the attention of local industry and music fans alike. While the harder, punk leaning influences of their new music indicates a tougher edge to the band’s body of work, Lucifer Gunne’s influences have ranged from the British indie wave that saw bands like Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead reign supreme. On their 2018 single ‘HRM’, the band demonstrated more versatility with their sound, exploring more psych-tinged territory a la King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. With such a sonic palette forming their creative path forward, new music on the horizon from Lucifer Gunne promises to be charged with excitement and buzzing potential in the mix.

Tara WessonComment