FRANCO drop debut self-titled EP with addictive single & music video for ‘Money Over Matter’

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Incorporating clever combinations of pop and R&B instrumentation with undeniable vocal charm, Melbourne duo FRANCO return with confidence, dropping new single ‘MONEY OVER MATTER’ as well as their highly anticipated debut self-titled EP.

The musical project from vocalist Natalie Slade and acclaimed producer and percussionist Plutonic Lab first introduced their slick sounds with single ‘It’s All On You’, which was quick to turn heads, demonstrating songwriting talent, a delivery marked by edge and attitude. A strong foundation that the FRANCO EP has continued to build off.

Recorded in Plutonic Lab’s Shark Repellent Studios, ‘Money Over Matter’ is a coupling of feisty lyricism with head-nodding production, stemming from sessions in Melbourne between Slade and Plutonic Lab that not only strengthened their group dynamic, but offered up space for them to explore their own musical influences further. 

Deftly manoeuvring from the boisterous vibes of ‘Money Over Matter’ through to neo-soul licked sounds (‘How To Get In Your Love’) and charming pop orchestration (‘The Bells’), FRANCO ensure their mark of authenticity is made on this debut EP. Exuding versatility and a penchant for meticulously crafted music over just five tracks here, FRANCO capture exciting energy in a tight and well-presented package.

Along with the release of the new FRANCO single, comes the official music video for ‘Money Over Matter’ - a project that has seen Plutonic Lab flex his animation and editing muscles alongside talented illustrator Tom Gerrard and creatives Nicole Reed and Micky Macleod. Unique in its composition and delivery, the visuals are sharp and edgy as the song itself.

The FRANCO EP is an exploration of sonic tone; from rich soulful depths, to a vibrant palette of hip-hop and funk-laden beats, the debut offering from FRANCO is a polished entry. Here is your chance to become acquainted!