Daniel Trakell releases stunning new single "WISDOM/BOREDOM"

Dan_Photo by Savannah van der Niet-29.jpg

With delicately constructed guitar, lilting vocals and a matured lyricism, Melbourne songwriter Daniel Trakell returns with his first release for 2019 in ‘Wisdom/Boredom’. A song that wraps the listener up instantly with its warmth and rich musicality, ‘Wisdom/Boredom’ explores Trakell’s developed songwriting skill since his last single ‘So Long’ further put him on the map as an artist to watch.

‘Wisdom/Boredom’ is a reflective piece, as Trakell takes on the choices people make as life continues to roll on. “‘Wisdom/Boredom’ is a song about the life-altering decisions which come with growing older. Choices which can seem mundane at first but change the course of our lives, and tough decisions which we agonise over but end up being of little consequence. Often we can’t realise the quality of our judgement until we look back with the wisdom of hindsight.” Daniel Trakell

Working together with friend and frequent collaborator Joshua Barber (Gretta Ray, Gotye) in the studio, Trakell thrived once more in Barber’s new home of Nashville; soaking up the energy of the Alex The Great Studio before the final touches were put on back in Australia. The end result has delivered a gorgeously layered piece of indie folk with touches of Bon Iver, Dustin Tebbutt and Fleet Foxes-esque influences threaded throughout. Trakell has injected touching emotion onto each of his releases thus far but on ‘Wisdom/Boredom’, the songwriter goes deeper than we have heard before.