Aurelia and Deutsch Duke catch fire on BATTLEGROUND II

Deutsch Duke - Press Shot.jpg

Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield for a collaboration that sounds like the slow-mo cinematic soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic Pulp Fiction. In a world seemingly obsessed with building walls, ‘Battleground II’ seeks to break them down. A futuristically nostalgic record filled with visceral emotional grit, a remedial call to unity.

Deutsch Duke of Australian music pedigree, with projects such as Kaylan, Disco Montego, and Electric Empire to his credit, as well as a treasure trove of Australian music gems that he has written and produced for other artists, brings his undeniable and dangerously refined production skills to the sonic fabric of the record. The effortlessly and exponentially ethereal Aurelia lends her songwriting prowess to the writing process with Deutsch Duke. A songwriting connection that bleeds directly through to the way the vocals seamlessly blend while at the same time managing to retain the uniquely identifiable characteristics of each of these two truly singular artists.

Having worked together on a bunch of projects for other artists, ‘Battleground II’ was a rare creative moment for the two artists to eschew the usually necessary restraints of an intended creative direction and just create from a platform of unbridled inspiration.

With the kind of musical chemistry that is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, ’Battleground II’ is a sonic creation that lives at the intersection where genius meets heart and the war is waged for all to hear.