ALLIPHA commands attention with buzzy new single, 'Freak Inside'

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“Why does getting high, make us feel so low?” The central question permeating throughout ALLIPHA’s latest single, ‘FREAK INSIDE’ shows the songwriter delving into the highs and lows of a relationship and the thrills one can get from it - whether they be good or bad.

As her first entry for 2019, ALLIPHA has set a strong tone for an exciting year of new music ahead with ‘Freak Inside’ - a sign of her continued developed artistry and creative motivations. Recorded at Sydney’s Forbes Street Studios, ‘Freak Inside’ is a confident step forward for the young artist, who dropped her debut single ‘Minds on Fire’ just last year, drawing praise from Triple J Unearthed and blogs alike. As a live performer, ALLIPHA has been cutting her teeth alongside some of Melbourne’s best young artists; supporting Samsaruh in Melbourne last October gave music fans an inkling of the huge potential just waiting to burst in 2019. With this new single, ALLIPHA is at her most honest - with songwriting and lyricism stemming from experiences lived, ones many listeners can identify with.

Mixed and mastered by Callum Howell (Ocean Alley) and Adam Dempsey (Courtney Barnett, Jordie Lane) respectively, ‘Freak Inside’ is a step outside ALLIPHA’s normal sonic playground. Coming from a soul-deep background, ALLIPHA switched things up for ‘Freak Inside’, instead opting for a grittier, more rock-steeped approach.

The single, spurred on by a wave of indie pop-flecked guitar progressions and percussion, showcases ALLIPHA’s rich vocals and melodic strength. Exploring a strong developing dynamic with her band has also elevated ALLIPHA’s musical output, evolution you can hear as the song ramps up in energy and urgency.

Launching ‘Freak Inside’ in Melbourne this April, ALLIPHA will be debuting a brand new live show for her audience for the first time. A set that is not only going to serve as a perfect introduction to her artistry and her band, the ALLIPHA live experience is one that will demonstrate her diverse musical palette and bold approach to her craft.