Alex Hayes: Just Another Day


When Alex Hayes calls from his hotel room in Queensland, I ask him how his day’s going. “There’s a cyclone up here,” he says, “and we’re about to go surfing.” For the 21 year old Manly local with a 640k strong insta-following, this is just another day.

COVERED.: In ten words or less, what do you do?

ALEX: Oh geez. I am an adventuring enthusiast, I like high adrenaline sports, I love music production and DJing, as well as just having a good time. I don’t know if that’s ten words, but I tried!

C: How does it feel to be back in Australia?

A: It feels so great. There’s no better feeling than coming home from overseas and coming back to my routine, seeing my friends, family, just doing everything that gets me in my vibe.

C: On one hand, your life looks amazing, you look like you’re just having fun all the time! But you’ve spoken about mental health and what happens behind closed doors... how do you balance social media with having an honest dialogue with your fans?

A: It’s something that I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better at. It was a transition of realising that I wanted to document my life rather than create a vibe that I think people will like online. I think the main thing is just to hold an authentic approach to everything you post.

C: The Race for Mental Health that you did, how did that change you?

A: It definitely changed me. That was the end of a chapter and the start of a new one for me because I learnt how to handle a lot of different things that I hadn’t done before. I tried to have a whole different mindset and adapt to my surroundings a little bit. I learnt quite a lot, it’s hard to nail it down.

C: The Daily Living, what’s the ethos that drives that?

A: This is an interesting one because I made that about three, four years ago. My whole thing around Do it Daily was just to find what you love and do it daily. A lot of people approach their hobbies with doubt of not being able to make it into their living. My goal is just to vibrate my passion for everything I do. I want people to see that I’m doing what I love, I want to be seen as an example like, “here’s what I’ve done with my situation, you can do anything with your situation.”

C: So you played your first show DJing a few weeks back. Is that something you’ve always done?

A: Yeah, I’ve been involved with music my whole life. I’ve grown up in a very musical family, my brother’s a very very talented singer and believe it or not, I used to sing until I was about thirteen. I actually gave it up because I was severely bullied in high school and I couldn’t deal with the hate I was getting. It’s been one of my biggest regrets, but I’m really learning production and the whole DJ scene. I have a high understanding of music and the production side of it, so I just want to be able to make my own music, to my own videos, and then share that music at festivals and parties. I also tell stories, so I want to make music that has a great lyrical perspective.

C: Is that why you make films? To tell stories?

A: Yeah, definitely at this point in my life, I see films as a way to show who I am, and it’s something that’s going to be around in this world forever. Every single video that is on the internet now is going to be there forever, so in three hundred years’ time, I’m still going to be able to send a message out to a generation, that’s if the world’s still standing at this rate, you know what I mean? •