Party in the Garden of Eden this spring

Party in the Garden of Eden in spring and see the Eden Unearthed exhibition of installations, featuring three local Northern Beaches creators.

ANNE LEVITCH has a background in design and architecture, though now creates sculpture and installation works, which explore rites of passage and traces of societal attitudes. Her work is conceptual and challenges what we take for granted, and is held in signifi cant private collections in both Australia and New Zealand.

CHRISTINA FRANK’S drawing based practice encompasses sculptural installation. She is also an architect. She concerns herself with beauty and the natural world, landscape and identity, invariably touching on connections to each other and place.

AINSLIE MURRAY is an interdisciplinary artist, architect and academic whose work explores the augmentation of architectural space through subtle realisations of forgotten and intangible spatial forces. Her work ranges from large-scale immersive installations and constructions to fi lm, painting, textiles and printed works. Her principal interest is in forms of space-making that often escape attention, including ephemeral, minimal and immaterial forms of architecture. Murray's work investigates habitable forms of architecture in relation to atmosphere, environment and everyday life.

Eden Gardens
307 Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park
August 2019 to January 2020