Narrabeen artist Simon Williams is spearheading a project to highlight domestic violence around the world, offering support to victims and a new attitude to the issue.

Simon, who works in film, photography and music, as well as for a local charity supporting children, hopes to raise awareness and understanding about how domestic abuse impacts the whole family. 

The main focus is a short film telling the story of a mother and daughter living under the oppression of abuse. Simon has already shot his version of the 12-minute movie and says filmmakers from France, Japan, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago and Indonesia are also involved in talks for this global initiative.

“The films all have the same script but will be told in culturally-sensitive ways, depending on where the director comes from. This is to highlight the commonality of domestic abuse across the world,” explains Simon.

The films will then be collated on their own website, alongside information about women's refuge services and solution-based ideas and information for those in need, all over the world.

Simon hopes the film’s message is one that empowers women to see their own self-worth while shining a light on the darkness of domestic abuse.

He has already staged an exhibition of inspiring photographs from a trip to Iceland called InSignificance to showcase the project and to raise money for the film. All the available artworks are currently housed on his website for sale to support this worthy cause.

Simon created The Stampede Trail as a platform for projects that inspire people to make positive change, within themselves and their community, and to make a deep connection with his audience. 

He hopes this latest project will result in a global portrayal of the issues surrounding domestic abuse and promote a greater understanding and support among the wider community.

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