Piria Coleman

PO Box 574, Narrabeen NSW 2101

MOBILE: 0490 499 963

EMAIL: info@piriacoleman.com

Classes held at:
Newport Community Centre
11-13 The Boulevarde, Newport NSW 2106



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Piria's unique style of teaching Tai Chi and Qigong advocates the path of least strain. Practitioners develop an awareness of qi sensations in their bodies and use their mind, or intention, to guide the qi.

Piria has studied various styles of Qigong in mainland Australia since 1996. She has studied Tai Chi since 2001. Home to Piria is Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, where she has taught Tai Chi and Qigong in idyllic surrounds and hosted her masters to lead rejuvenating Tai Chi and Qigong health retreats. 


  • Shaolin Lohan Therapeutic Qigong 

  • Simplified 24 Form Yang Style

  • Chinese Health Qigong (registration pending)

  • International Standarised 40 Form Yang Style 

  • Combined Competition Routine (42 Form)

Piria is available for group tuition and private lessons in quiet and peaceful locations by arrangement. 

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